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The Wayside Chapel is open from April 1st to mid December.


Take a trip to "The World's Smallest Chapel"

Located on the scenic Niagara River Parkway, just outside of historic downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake, you'll find The Living Water Wayside Chapel.

With the capacity of the church sitting between 6-8 people on the 6 pews  This place is known by many as the "World's Smallest Chapel" coming in with a floor span of 4m x 1.8m.


Built on the Walker Family Farm in the early 1960's, the church has brought tourists together from every corner of the globe as a tourist and religious destination for travelers.

During the 1980s the Living Water Wayside Chapel was relocated to a new home about 10 kilometers down the Niagara River Parkway near the rural community of Queenston. After spending just about 30 years at that location, the organizers and church committee volunteers decided to relocate the Wayside Chapel to its original home on the Walker Family Farm in 2012.

It underwent renovations in early 2020 improving the accessibility of the building and improving the landscape around the area.

Narcity Canada and BlogTO did recent news stories on the Living Water Wayside Chapel.

Narcity - You Can Road Trip To The World's Smallest Chapel In Ontario This Fall.

BlogTO - The tiny Living Water Wayside Chapel in Ontario is actually the smallest church in Canada.

Visiting the Wayside Chapel requires no booking and you can walk in anytime form April until December.


Photo taken at Walker Family Farm in mid 2020 following renovations.


Photo taken at former location near the rural community of Queenston in 2002

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